Препоръкидекември 22, 2021by SP Audit

Recommеndation letter: Nadejda Kojuharova-Slavcheva

Nadejda Kojuharova-Slavcheva – Key Account Manager Flexprint/Delfortgroup


Recommandation letter:

Very little and so much is needed when it comes to the most important resource in the world – Man. Especially when the man is on crossroads – looking for a new job.  A little, because you just need to find the right position for him. A lot, because from here begins the complex part – which requires deep knowledge, high professionalism, unceathless tenacity and an amazing sense of justice! It`s not so easy and not always happy end issue… If you want it to be – the most important choice is: WHO will you choose to help you in this difficult task?

In my personal moment of searching, I had the privilege and luck SP Audit to be my choice. They weren’t the only ones I turned to. But they excelled – lightning fast and strong!  Why – because of the energy, the work, the efforts, the incredible precision, the unadulterated inspiration and especially of the passion! Passion, that they put in every single case, moment, and even in a single talk! You feel that someone does efforts for you, and if they don’t work out – keep trying. You are not just one of all – you are the only one. Work is being worked individually, in detail on what qualities you possess, how you behave and what your values are. And only if a lot of you fits the other side and vice versa, a proposal is born. Not just a proposal, but yours… And the puzzle is ordered – each piece is in place.  

You feel that someone cares, searches the golden middle and fights – for You.  And once you feel that – you start to believe! And once you believe – you can achieve everything! 

For the important battles, it is important to choose someone who fights for you! And last but not least – someone who wins!

Thank You, Tanya, Thank you SP Audit team!