TeamJanuary 6, 2022by SP Audit

Key people in our team

I created the company following my dream and we started on July 1st the international children day.

My reasons:

openness, purity, faith, smile, enthusiasm, energy, curiosity and wide open eyes.

Those a qualities really strongly expressed for the kids and wanted them to be in the genes of what we create. And the business is like a child. A child that grows, laughs, learns, try’s, runs, jump, falls, gets up and you need to take care of it all the time in order to grow stronger. This is why you need-

dedication, courage, consistency, patience, perseverance, open mind and willingness to share.

When the business or what you do is your destiny it’s easy to turn it into a mission. During all these years, I gratefully see how our invaluable partners, colleagues, many different people, who have become part of our events, opportunities, difficulties and successes, have believed in this mission.

Working with people is the most exciting profession for them. It is impossible if you do not love people and yourself. It is invaluable because every day you can learn something from everyone you meet and decide how to use the lesson – whether to keep it to yourself or share the lesson. We meet amazing people and we are part of their professional carrier sometimes of their professional destiny. I accept this with the utmost responsibility.

It is responsible for the business to entrust the most sensitive part of its capital – Human and to work with it, to contribute to difficult and important decisions. It is responsible to be part of people’s professional carrier because everyone is special, no matter where they were born, what they studied, what they succeeded in, what they failed at – everyone has their invaluable qualities and dignity and we must develop them.

The life and emotions of people, together with the stability and prosperity of companies is not only a responsibility but also a challenge. We look for the balance every day.

I’m happy because I’m on this path with my team and they often do better than me, but in fact I find this as one of my biggest successes.

Tanya Nonova - Founder and CEO of SP Audit

She graduated in Finance and has an MBA in Process and People Management from Stanford University. Many years of experience in Human Resources Management. Her first carrier steps where in Labor Law and Payroll at Bulgartabac Holding – Yuri Gagarin AD, and continued as a Human Resources Manager at Flexprint EOOD. She is currently a manager and consultant for various companies in terms of activity, structure and size. Her great successes is the ability of building strong teams of professionals and long-term relationships. Expert in optimizing labor costs and increasing operational efficiency in manufacturing companies. Lecturer in Leadership and Effectiveness training. Her work style is recognizable by her natural, open and expert approach to the processes she manages.

It is important to understand the people, as well as the management goals, to assess when you are ready to give professional advice openly or to remain silent and seek a solution. Every effort is worth it, every difficult decision, to be honest, is also worth it. And we do not have the right to reactive decisions and opinions, but to conscious ones. Being part of creating a team and eventually seeing the achievements of everyone in it, as well as the company is my great reward and it gives me the energy to continue. I am inspired by the success of people and companies.

Payroll ManagerStanka Nedyalkova

Stanka Nedyalkova - Payroll Manager

Her professional carrier started 15 years ago and for the last 6 years she is valuable member of the SP Audit Team.

For the last 5 years I expand my expertise in labor cost control and analysis, contracts administration and legal relations between employers and employeesправно администриране на взаимоотношенията между работодатели и служители.
In todays reality we work with may and different clients and it is a real challenge to solve each case as they are unique and challenging and we always strive to provide the best solution.
Regardless the global challenges and the intensive change in the legislation we target timely and adequate reaction in order to keep our clients up to date and to react on all incoming queries.
We aim to provide the best quality individual attitude to each client. We build mutual trust and correct attitude for a long – term and effective partnership. I personally apply zero tolerance towards mistakes because I do realize the responsibility we have in front of the employers, their teams and the authorities.

Development and Recruitment ManagerMilena Doynova

Milena Doynova - Development and Recruitment Manager

Milena Doynova is and HRMD professional. Manager and Teams Leader. In her curriculum are present proven international and manufacturing organizations. She has an Engineering degree and Master in HR management.She has proven expertise in each process – manpower planning, budgeting, compensation and salary, recruitment and carrier development; assessment, analysis and personal development. She participate in many trainings and events, related to people and human capital development.

Most important is to build partnership relations with our client – employers, based on professionalism and trust. In our business we are aiming to be the loyal Partner they can trust at any moment and ask for support, advise, analysis or guidelines. Our clients share with us their problems and their success. They reach us for advice as we have helicopter view on the labor market and trends and we always try to be objective and efficient in all we do. The real success comes when we manage to evaluate the root cause of the client’s challenge and approach with care and knowledge to provide the solutions. Due to different circumstances we do no always reach the expected targets, but what really matters is that we work hand to hand with our clients and we take our lessons learned for future improvements. This is why we have build long – term relations with our collaborators and we manage to establish good practices on the labor market. Our job is as colorful as our people are! We strive to find the balance and work on the Win – Win principle.

Recruitment ExpertNeshka Stoyanova

Neshka Stoyanova - Recruitment Expert

Neshka Stoyanova is working in the HR area for around 15 years. She has Master degree in Economics and Master in Philology. Her strengths are in recruitment and employee training and development. She is participating in various events and seminars related to search and selection, evaluation and training of qualified employees. She is working for big companies in different economic sectors. She possess great skills in interviewing employees on all levels from non qualified workers up to key specialists and executive positions.

What is utmost important when working with people is to build mutual trust and to openly share information. We have to be sincere with the people. They have to feel our support, our willingness to help them. To be assured, supported and ready to take the next step in their carrier development and job change. What guarantees our success is the ability to ask the right questions and to listen carefully to the people. What is specific during the recruitment process is to be able to set the right puzzle of candidates skills, knowledge qualification, expectations and the employers needs. We absolutely have to take care of both sides in order to guarantee sustainable recruitment. My experience with people has taught me that there are always exceptions and the most surest things are sometimes short-lived. The person is a complicated creature with its own qualities and emotions build in their experience. Understanding this complexity is a key factor for the business to succeed. Being professional in our job is to care for everyone and each one.