SP Talents

Finding the top-tier talents to drive your business forward

The impact of your leadership team and key managerial roles can not be understated – from steering the wheel towards innovative and effective strategies, through championing sustainability, to fostering the right communication climate among team members and properly translating your vision to execution. 

Identifying and attracting the right persons to do these jobs at your company requires skills that go beyond hunting for a pristine CV or a vast network of professional contacts. 

The team of SP Talents is here to support you in all stages of executive recruitment.

We find the right solutions for every business.

We never stop learning and we challenge ourselves. We grow with our partners and we do care about their success.

Why to trust us?

The highest quality standards

Eliminated risk from mistakes

Guaranteed confidentiality

Optimized cost
SP Audit is an innovative company that manages to transform the business needs of its clients into real results. Their approach is aimed at excellent knowledge of the specifics of each of their clients, which makes them an effective and valuable partner for any business.
Nikolai BoyadzhievChief Financial Officer - MaxEurope, Chipollino, Maxcom