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How to choose the perfect profession for me?

Whether you have just graduated from high school or are looking to reorient yourself, choosing your future field of development is an important question to think about.

Here are 10 tips to help you choose a career:

  1. Do you know who you are? – it is very important that you yourself first understand what kind of person you are. Think about whether you are more extroverted or whether you like talking to people or not, what you like to do and what you don’t like. It is of key importance that you enjoy the work you do. Pursue positions that are interesting and exciting to you. When a person is doing something that gives them pleasure, the working day goes by imperceptibly and makes people feel satisfied.
  2. What are your hobbies? – you may like to play sports, read, draw or play video games. Your hobby can help guide you to the profession that you will enjoy doing and that will make you happy.
  3. What would you do for free? – that’s the question that would really help you figure out what actually is that think that brings you pleasure, even without getting paid for it. For example, you love animals – you can focus on veterinary medicine, a shelter, and why not a grooming studio?
  4. What are or were your favourite subjects at school/university? – this can help you find the right profession. Although this is not such a reliable option, because in this case the teachers have a big influence, but if you liked the subject you studied and you coped without difficulties, you could orient yourself to a profession related to it.
  5. Make a career test – the results of it can help you orient yourself to what profession is right for you or at least give you ideas.
  6. Look for information about the profession itself – research well what the responsibilities of the position are, what skills and knowledge you need. Is specific education required? You can also read stories of people who are involved in the profession or watch videos on the Internet that are related to it.
  7. Think about what you are good at – everyone has something they are good at and it is something that can be turned into a profession. For example, if you can fix various damages on your car and you are excited about its device, you can aim for a career as an auto mechanic. If you love children and are a patient person, you could become a teacher, babysitter or work in a childcare center.
  8. Do not copy a friend, neighbour, acquaintance – you can have a very good example in life and admire him/her and want to be like him/her, but in doing so you may make a hasty and ill-considered decision if you decide to follow his/her path. Before that, think more about what education you need, what your salary could be and what skills are needed if you choose the relevant profession.
  9. Write down the jobs you like and then the skills you need for them – then if you see that there are a lot of skills that you don’t like and you want to develop into an area where you can practice them, then write off this occupation. Think carefully and do not rush, because there is no point in wasting many years learning something that is not for you and you do not want to work.
  10. Look for internship programs to check if this is your profession – if you have such an opportunity, definitely do not miss it, one learns best by trial and error, and you will learn something new.
  11. Connect with a consultant – we at SP Audit could guide you on what kind of work is right for you based on your education, skills and interests. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Link to our YouTube video on the topic: Как да избера перфектната професия за мен? – YouTube

We hope we have been helpful to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they seem impossible at first. If a person has a desire to develop in a certain area, motivation and persistence will take him far!