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Recommandation letter: Lukas Jungreithmeir

Lukas Jungreithmeir – Executive Director Flexprint Ltd; CEO Delfort Printing Division   Recommandation letter: Managing well people in an organization may be the most challenging, yet as well the most deserving responsibility for owners, managers or superiors. And then – as superior – to watch people grow in their personality and skills within these organizations...

Recommandation letter: Nadejda Kojuharova-Slavcheva

Nadejda Kojuharova-Slavcheva – Key Account Manager Flexprint/Delfortgroup   Recommandation letter: Very little and so much is needed when it comes to the most important resource in the world – Man. Especially when the man is on crossroads – looking for a new job. A little, because you just need to find the right position for...