Developing structures for starting businesses or improving the existing ones.

Business consulting for the Human Capital

Analysis of the existing processes and development of operational procedures

We offer consultations in the process of human resources planning, developing structures for start-ups or changes in existing ones.

Reasonable planning of human resources selection reduces the risk of critical moments in the organization, such as dismissing inefficient staff and / or looking for replacement.

The way we work is based on process analysis and development of operational procedures with a full set of documents.

Developing strictures

Planning of the needed human resources and developing structures for start - ups

Due diligence

Assessment of the available structures

Structural changes

Changes in the existing organization structures

Development of standard operating procedures

Process analysis and development of operating procedure with the full set of documents

We find the right solutions for every business.

We never stop learning and we challenge ourselves. We grow with our partners and we do care about their success.

Why to trust us?

We do understand the business needs

We act with high competency and professionalism

We provide access to wider experience and knowledge

We optimize your cost related to HR management
SP Audit is an innovative company that manages to transform the business needs of its clients into real results. Their approach is aimed at excellent knowledge of the specifics of each of their clients, which makes them an effective and valuable partner for any business.
Nikolai BoyadzhievChief Financial Officer - MaxEurope, Chipollino, Maxcom